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Family Safety House Program

The TSVFD, in conjunction with our mutual aid partners in Sinking Spring and Lower Heidelberg, have developed a Family Safety House program to benefit all our citizens, especially the younger ones.

The program is based on a new Safety House trailer, which was obtained with a 2006 FEMA Fire Prevention Grant and delivered in June 2007. The trailer is capable of simulating not only fire safety conditions (with theatrical smoke, working smoke detectors and interior furnishings), but also natural catastrophe emergencies such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes. The trailer is currently stored at the TSVFD Central Station and can be towed by one of the utility vehicles operated by the member fire companies.

The trailer is available free of charge, and is available for use in the Wilson School District as part of any organized public gathering such as block parties, safety days, or carnivals. However, be very clear that this is NOT an amusement or ride. It is serious safety stuff, which is appropriate for ALL ages.

When requested, the trailer will be towed to the location desired. It works best if a normal house current (110V AC) power supply is available. For those situations where power is not forthcoming, a generator can be used. The trailer will be under the operational control of trained members of the TSVFD, Sinking Spring or Lower Heidelberg Fire Departments who will provide the escorted educational experience for all attendees.

We also have two friendly remote controlled robots---Freckles the Fire Dog and Freddie the Fire Truck ---that can be used to interact with crowds, kids and anyone else nearby. Both robots move, blink, make noise and talk through motors and speakers controlled by the operator.

Finally, for those interested we are always available to provide speakers, or even arrange for fire station tours for your group.

To arrange for the trailer or robots or set up any other public relations or fire prevention event, please contact Fire Prevention Lt. Ron Stoudt 610-898-1452, extension 0.


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